The STATEMENT is the perfect surfboard for our Nordic waves! The wider but thin tail allows you to go for tight bottom turns and the hand-shaped channels will hold the rail during the steepest cutbacks on the lip. The cut off nose and the balanced outline enhance the easiest handling during strapless jumps – making it the perfect wave board for all conditions!


The wider tail is not only great for a balanced feeling in the air but will also help beginners when learning their first jibes and turns. For the smoothest ride in choppy waters, we have added a long channel throughout the whole board. This will sweeten any longer upwind tack in between wave rides but also allows soft landings on strapless freestyle.

In between the stance, we chose a moderate rocker line, which amplifies upwind abilities and very early planning. Early planning is not only great for any beginner on a wave board but also allows you to ride a smaller kite. A smaller kite leads to a surf-like feel when wave riding - inviting you to simply focus on your board feel.


The ultra light construction is based on a CNC milled water resistant PU core including a wood stringer. Despite the minimised weight, this construction is defined by a very forgiving flex pattern. For strong reinforcement under your feet, we have added a layer of innegra fibre.


Sizes:       411″     52″     54

Our boards are manufactured in the most eco-friendly way being certified by the Ecoboard Project. Using a more sustainable resin and special core material. We are not going to lie – there is always room to improve on the angle of sustainability. To guarantee the highest quality and factory standards, we decided to manufacture all wave boards in Portugal. Your STATEMENT comes wrapped without plastic in the reusable flexi-hex. Enjoy the surf!