Since the very beginning of KOLD shapes we have been designing the LEGEND. A true wave board that was created to hold your rail on tight bottom turns and release the fins on your most powerful cut backs. We are extremely proud to finally present our classic but progressive shape and the ultra strong & light construction.

The LEGEND has a single concave and its outline is designed to provide maximum control at higher speeds. The rocker is focussed towards the tail and nose with a moderate rocker in between to further enhance higher speed. This rocker line also improves the light-wind and upwind abilities of the thruster. 

Every board is handcrafted in in a complex sandwich construction. The unique foam holds up to 50.000kg per square meter, does not absorb any water, and has a unique flex at the same time. To further enhance the strength and flex we decided to work with a flax fibre stringer on the board’s top and bottom. This natural fibre is an add-on to the Eco Board Certificate by Sustain Surf. All handmade in Portugal. 

The shape works strapless perfectly and the squash tail will release like a spring into your strapless airs. However, we also included durable inserts so you can easily mount your straps too! No matter which option you choose – endless waves with tight turns will be the outcome.

Our goal is to constantly improve the sustainability of our products, which is why we are more than proud on its durability and longevity. The LEGEND was built to last endless surf.














Our boards are manufactured in a more eco-friendly way being certified by the Ecoboard Project. Using a more sustainable resin and flax fibre stringers.  We are not going to lie – there is always room to improve on the angle of sustainability, especially for surfboards. However the ultra-strong sandwich construction of the LEGEND is meant to last a decade of surfing. To guarantee the highest quality and factory standards, we decided to manufacture all wave boards in Portugal.